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We Bring The Ultimate  GellyBall Party To Your Backyard Or Other Venue Near You, Perfect For Birthday Parties!

  • Kids and adults love it

  • Safe for kids, pets & yards

  • Easy to social distance

  • No stain, no mess


GellyBall is not just for kids!!


GellyBall wars are great for kids of all ages! We get requests for GellyBall games for company team building events, bachelor parties, school outings, block parties and more.


No matter what your event is, we can bring our equipment to your location. And since GellyBalls make no mess, we’ve even done events in company warehouses, parking lots, and in many backyards!



GellyBall is a shooting sport very similar to AirSoft and Paintball though GellyBalls are far less painfull and much cheaper to operate.


GellyBalls are shot from Gelly Blasters.

GellyBall Blasters use soft polymer gel beads also similar to orbeez, once hydrated the GellyBalls will grow to its maximum size of 8MM in diameter. The soft water based GellyBalls burst on impact leaving no stain, mess, and little sting.

These GellyBall Blasters are Fun and Unlike Nerf guns, where the players have to constantly reload with recycled ammo, a GellyBall Blaster holds approximately 750 rounds without reloading! Just aim, squeeze the trigger and they are they projected to your target.


Simple enough even for 7 year old to use, so now the younger siblings can play too.

Rules for GellyBall  

  • Masks must be worn at all times in playing areas. Anyone breaking the mask rule gets one warning / and must sit out a game. A second violation and you can no longer play.

  • Hold your gun  above your head to call yourself out anytime you are hit anywhere on your body. Head to the referee with gun up.

  • No sliding, diving or barrel rolls. While you may think it looks cool, it gets people hurt and breaks equipment.

  • Guns are ready to fire when handed out. No adjusting, taking apart, pushing buttons or adjusting stocks.

  • No jumping over or on bunkers or barricades.

  • No shooting before or after the game. Shooting is only allowed during game play.

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