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Is the foam safe?

Yes! Our foam solution is completely safe and non-toxic. We only use a professional-grade foam solution that is hypo-allergenic, dye-free, biodegradable, and safe for kids, pets, and the environment.


What do I need to prepare for a foam party?

We will need access to a water hose at the event site and a power outlet. We will bring a 50′ extension cable and a 50′ extension hose.

*Your foam party set up must be within 50′ of the water source & power outlet.

*We bring all other materials!


Will Kids get wet with a foam party!

Depending on how enthusiastically they participate they will range from dry, to damp to soaking wet! It’s perfect refreshment and your kids will never forget the experience!

We recommend having either a change of clothes nearby if needed or a towel.


What ages enjoy a foam party?

Everyone! All ages!

It’s the ideal activity for all ages and total inclusiveness.

A foam party is a sensory wonderland for babies and toddlers and the ultimate pool party for teens and adults. There is no age restriction on the wonder of bubble magic!!


How long do you need to set up a foam party?

Approximately 15 minutes

*Set-up time is lowest when the water source and power outlet location have been identified and ready to go!


Does a foam party require a lot of cleen up?

The foam dissolves on its own within a few hours and doesn’t leave a trace, but some folks do like to spray the area down later to rinse it off.

Alternatively, we are happy to spray the foam down with water before leaving, which will dissolve it for you. Most people like to leave the foam for as long as possible though after we leave!


What happens if it rains?

Rain and electricity just don’t mix. For the safety of your guests and our staff, we cannot set up for the foam party if rain looks imminent.

Don’t fear! If the weather isn’t on our side, we have options!

We move the party indoors and set up the ultimate dance party with kid-appropriate hit music, interactive games, and rainbow lights!

*You will be reimbursed for the package price difference


Is it slippery?

The foam does not make the ground very slippery at all. It’s mostly dense bubbles with minimal water and foam solution, so it does not leave a film on the ground. Surfaces can make a difference of course. Concrete, asphalt, and rubber are best, while grass lawns can get a little slicker. We don’t recommend dirt surfaces.


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