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Great for any event

FOUR 55'' LED HD TV's inside, FOUR 50" LED 4K TV's or TWO 65" 4K TV's outside, custom seating, and experience game action like never before with custom interior lighting and surround sound. Play all year round in a roomy heated/cooled environment.

Game Coach Included

A professionally trained ​Game Coach accompanies every event and thrills and inspires your guests individually with our state-of-the-art HydrOliva Graphics "Ultimate Gaming Trailer" mobile gaming theatre .


The ultimate experience for a group to have fun together at birthday parties, events, festivals and more!  There is no activity today that will thrill your crowd the way Ultimate Gaming and Entertainment can!

Gaming Trailer

We are Lubbock's Premier GellyBall Mobile Unit/Dealer. 

Ultimate Gaming and Entertainment serves Lubbock and the surrounding areas to bring you a NEW exciting and fun experience, GellyBall!


We bring the party to you!


Ultimate Gaming and Entertainment (GellyBall of Lubbock)

Have you been searching for “birthday party ideas near me” or “unique party ideas near me?” Well, search no more! Ultimate Gaming and Entertainment (GellyBall of Lubbock) is the perfect party idea for all occasions and ages – from age seven to 107! Especially when we bring the party to you with our mobile GellyBall parties! We can currently book parties for two to twelve people with just a short notice.


Lacking trees in your backyard? No problem – we can bring GellyBall bunker items with us. GellyBall beads are non-toxic, biodegradable and won’t harm your kids, pets, lawn or trees.

Our equipment is sanitized after each use. So no worries about using equipment that another customer has used on that same day. Our staff is there to run the GellyBall games and make sure our safety rules are followed. We want you to have a fun, entertaining and safe experience!

The Perfect Option for Younger Players as there is virtually No Sting!


Gelly Ball Blasters use a soft gel ball. Shot from the easy to use Blasters, the soft Gelly Balls bounce off kids leaving no stain, mess and only a small impact. Unlike Nerf guns where the players have to constantly reload with ammo off the floor, a GellyBall Blaster holds 750 shots without reloading! Just pull the trigger and they shoot! Easy even for 7 year old's to use.

Ages 7 and up!

More Fun than nerf!

Less painful than paintball!

No staining or mess!

Games you can play


Capture the flag

Search Party

Last Man Standing

Protect the president

Sharp Shooter-


Top Gun




    Nerf Guns are

    so last year!

                                              750 shots

        6 Shots

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